Hi, I'm Chad Kubo,

Do you sometimes feel like you have 2 left feet?

Once you learn the basics, you are dancing ...

Yet those left feet keep tripping you up!

Swing Dance is amazingly good fun!

How could something so fun be so difficult to learn?

"Am I the only one struggling to put this all together?"

Sometimes it feels like you just weren't cut out to dance. 

Getting the basic steps down is just the beginning! Then you've got to glide smoothly from one step to another and get your partner to follow along (or follow your lead smoothly, as the case may be)!

Ever get that look from your partner? ...

"What are you doing?"

"What was that!?"

The insults and funny looks are enough to send you seeking the comfort of a dark corner to become a wall flower.

Hold on a minute!  Don't give up yet!

Check out my simple hub system!  

You CAN Do This!  You can learn to Lindy Hop and get out there having fun!

ZenDanceLessons consist of 6 key dance movements.

These basic movements connect the hundreds of steps required to become a "Lindy Hop Master"!

Step lists don't help in "connecting the dots" of movement and dance.

Want an easy method of mastering Lindy Hop Steps?

This new dance philosophy has ancient origins.

I have over 30 years of experience in martial arts and have taught dance for 18 years. It was just natural that martial arts had such an influence on the way that I learned and now teach dancing.  

These very ancient art forms are thousands of years old and hold powerful secrets.  Years spent studying these traditions has given me a deep understanding of my body in motion!

I remember when it felt like I'd never learn to Swing Dance!

When I realized I had an ancient secret weapon that made me move smoothly and gracefully,

Becoming a "Lindy Hop Master" was easy!  And you can learn this simple method too!

ZenDanceLessons are incredibly easy to learn!

    *  Access power in your dancing without relying on muscle strength.
    *  Transition between dance steps with grace and ease.
    *  Easily build rapport with your partner.

Don't waste money on endlessly frustrating lessons!

Learn Zen Dance Lessons in the comfort of your home no matter where you live!

Have fun being active while nurturing your relationships with family and friends.

Zen Dance Lessons will transform your dancing experience!

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Welcome!  See you on the dance floor!

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